VENDOR: Granger

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Unsatisfied with his routine life, Eugene Granger found more purpose in the makeshift chemical weaponry he would sell for supplemental income. His Black-Market persona became almost mythical in status, as his gadgetry was revered by many insurrectionist groups. Eugene was unbothered by the idea that his creations could be contributing to mass-scale violence, for he felt his online character built a barrier between himself and his clients. When the Disfiguring occurred, Eugene awoke to learn that he was the only survivor of his family. As he surveyed the wreckage, he noticed a spent canister bearing his signature. The guilt of his role in millions of lives lost inundated him in a single moment. Eugene fled and re-made his lab in the desert. He installed a mask with thermal optic capabilities to see temperature changes in his clients as he interrogates them to ensure that they have, in his judgment, a stable disposition. He now sells only to an exclusive list of buyers that he has deemed capable of handling his unique offerings.

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Axe Crewneck

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Liquid Metal T-Shirt - White